Revolutionising Community Energy

At The Co-operative Energy, it’s our aim to encourage the exciting expansion of community energy across the UK. By purchasing much of the energy supplied to our customers from renewable sources owned by these community energy groups, we can help reduce carbon emissions and give customers better control of their energy. There have already been 5,000 community energy projects launched in the last five years! And we can’t wait to be at the forefront of launching even more.

We strongly believe that smaller energy generation sites and community-led energy initiatives could revolutionise the energy market. By encouraging communities to come together to fund the construction of their own electricity generation sites, they can either sell the electricity on to the market or use it to supply themselves.

How you benefit from community energy generation sites:

  • Supply to your local area is in a clean and sustainable manner
  • It can reduce the need to transport electricity over long distances and lower costs, which means lower electricity bills for you
  • You have better control of both your usage and the production of a scarce resource: the electricity you use every day
  • Your energy is secured through local generation
  • It helps to support more local economies. With profits from the local energy feeding back into the community and can be used to purchase goods and services from other local businesses
  • You can join forces with other householders to start an initiative to insulate your homes
  • You can get involved in community advice schemes to help reduce energy usage
  • All in all, work together to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions