User Chooser Terms & Conditions

  1. The purpose of User Chooser is to allow customers to support renewable and community energy generation sites by voting their preferred energy source(s) via the User Chooser Portal. This allows Co-operative Energy (“the company”) to offset electricity consumption with electricity purchased from generation sites with which the company has power purchase agreements (PPAs). In addition, User Chooser will provide the company with a feedback mechanism giving us a clearer view of participating customers’ preferences in relation to types of electricity generation and allowing customers to influence our energy purchasing decisions on this basis
  2. Participating customers are given the ability to choose their own personal “fuel mix” preference by selecting source(s) of electricity purchased from generating sites of one or more fuel types (solar, wind, hydro, gas and nuclear) or from a specific generating site.
  3. Where applicable available capacity at each generation site will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The company reserves the right to reallocate your choice to another available generation site or combination of generation sites of the same generation site type which you have indicated to be your preference. Should this not be possible, your offset against this generation site type will revert back to Co-operative Energy traded energy.
  4. For participating generation sites the amount of generated electricity purchased for offset against customer consumption from each generation site will be forecast on the basis of historical industry annual average generation.
  5. There is no additional charge for using this product and you will be billed for electricity supplied at your current tariff rate in the same manner as at present.
  6. By consenting to make use of this website you also consent to the company using your personal ‘fuel mix’ data, created as a result of setting your preferences by generation type and/or any specific generation site, for analytical purposes. This information will be retained by the company but will not be shared with any external commercial third party.