Smart Metering

The Co-operative Energy is committed to installing Smart Meters into more households in the future. We believe they could be the turning point in the UK energy market. Because with greater control over our energy costs and usage, we can all become more energy efficient, leading to a more sustainable and greener future for everyone.

Why consider a Smart Meter?

Smart Meter provides real time information on your energy usage, making it easier to manage your energy bills and only pay for what you use. So no more estimated bills!

With a built-in system that tells you when you’re using more gas and electricity than normal, Smart Meters have the potential to help households across the whole country use energy more efficiently and sustainably.

With real time information on your energy usage, you can make decisions to reduce your consumption in peak demand periods when prices are high. This saves you money and ensures that you use energy more efficiently, which in turn helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions and safeguard the environment. It also potentially makes the UK market less reliant on imported gas and coal during peak demand periods, and safeguards security of supply, helping to ensure that the lights stay on.