West Solent Solar Co-operative

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This energy site powers 1445 homes


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West Solent Solar Co-operative

Community Owned: Yes
Energy Type: Solar
Date Constructed: June 2014

Case Study

The cooperative built a 2.4 MW solar farm which connected to the grid in 2014. The site is a restored gravel pit so no land used for food production was lost.
Great emphasis is being placed on improving biodiversity. The Cooperative is working with the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to do this. So far a new hedge has been planted all around the 12 acre site, not to hide the panels but to provide a wildlife corridor. The whole site has been planted as a wild flower meadow. Sheep graze the site.
Cooperative members are working with the wildlife trust to monitor and records bees, birds, insects and mammals that appear on site.
The site is used by local schools and other groups to learn about renewable energy. A model railway powered by a single solar panel is used to demonstrate the different approach.